Ideal Protein Salty & Sweet Snacks

Ideal Protein Salty & Sweet Snacks

Our salty and sweet snack options are second to none! Keto-friendly, these flavor-packed snacks are satisfying and delicious. When you want to indulge, they are a guilt-free option that does the body good. BodyTech offers shipping and curbside pick-up.

Call to order or for a list of the complete selection of available products – 301-881-1784

Popular Ideal Protein Salty & Sweet Snacks

Here are just a few of our most popular keto-friendly Ideal Protein salty and sweet snacks. We’re always adding new selections so be sure to call us for a complete list of available options!


Ideal Protein Sweet & Spicy Trail Mix

IP Sweet & Spicy Trail Mix

Ideal Protein Sea Salt and Vinegar Crisps

IP Sea Salt and Vinegar Crisps

Ideal Protein Nacho Cheese Dorados

IP Nacho Cheese Dorados

Ideal Protein Jalapeño Cheddar Crisps

IP Jalapeño Cheddar Crisps


Ideal Protein Vanilla Crispy Square

IP Vanilla Crispy Square

Ideal Protein Apple Cinnamon Puffs

IP Apple Cinnamon Puffs

Ideal Protein Lemon Wafers

IP Lemon Wafers

Ideal Protein Salted Caramel Chocolate Clusters

IP Salted Caramel Chocolate Clusters