Our Method

Predictable and Repeatable


If you believe you can not be on a diet for the rest of your life, then STOP trying.  It’s time to say “no” to gimmicks and say “yes” to lasting health with BodyTech, an authorized provider of  Ideal Protein!  This is not a high protein diet—this is showing you how to improve your relationship with food so you can do it on your own.  Only four simple phases separate you from your ideal weight.  It all begins with a simple call to BodyTech.

Four Steps to Success

Phase One: Foundation – during Phase One, you will consume three Ideal Protein food products per day, along with four cups of select vegetable, unlimited lettuce, and eight ounces of lean meat or fish. You will follow Phase One until you have achieved 100 percent of your weight loss goal.

Phase Two: Achieving Your Goals – in Phase Two, you will reduce the number of Ideal Protein products to two per day and add a second meal consisting of four cups of select vegetables, unlimited lettuce, and eight ounces of lean meat or fish. Phase Two lasts a maximum of two weeks.

Phase Three: Locking in Your Progress – here is where you will begin to learn about weight loss stabilization to ensure lasting success.  Over two weeks, you will gradually re-introduce carbohydrates and healthy fats to your daily diet.

Phase Four: Freedom! – Phase Four is all about getting back into the world, armed with the knowledge you need to continue making healthy choices year after year.  It’s time to enjoy your new body—and keep it forever!

During all four phases of the program, you will receive weekly one-on-one coaching. Part of this coaching includes educating you on what to eat, when to eat and in what combinations you should eat carbohydrates (sugar), fats and proteins. The other part involves support and motivation from people who have been successful with the program already and who will be a source of continued support.

That’s all there is to it.

Nobody ever said losing weight was easy, but at BodyTech, we believe it doesn’t have to be complicated.  With the support of your friends, family, our excellent coaching staff, and the ever growing network of  BodyTech success stories, achieving your weight loss goals is as simple as committing to the new you. Attend one of our free weekly introductions and see why so many people have already made the decision to lead happier, healthier lives.

People all around the area have already done it. Come in today to see how you can become our next success story.

“Your frequent calls really helped me get through the first week. It’s now been 3.5 months—I feel great, my waist has gone from a 36 to a 33, and my eating habits have improved. The only problem is my kids—they love the chili and continue to eat one or two packs a day!”


“Your coach approach has been just right for me and the support, especially when I let myself down, has been vital to sticking with it. What a good way to lock in a lifelong commitment to healthy living. All the best and see you next week.”

“I have more energy, more confidence, I’m definitely healthier, and I can’t believe how quickly the weight comes off. I lost 35 lbs. in the first 9 weeks—without exercising! This is no gimmick. This is really learning how food affects your body and how to control what food does to your body.”


“When I started your program in June, I had just been to the doctor and my cholesterol was 250. I am happy to say that he called with my results in September and said (his words), “I am perfect.” My cholesterol is now 187! Your program is the best, and you and your team have been wonderful helping me achieve such success. Thanks so much!”


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