GLP-1 Nutrition and Protein Superstore

Weight Management at BodyTech

GLP-1 Nutrition and Protein Superstore 

Whatever diet you choose,  KEEP YOUR MUSCLE 

Loss of lean body mass (muscle) is a concern for everyone, especially if you are using appetite suppressant medicines including the new class of GLP-1 agonists like Ozempic and Wegovy (semaglutide), Mounjaro  (tirzepatide) and others. 

Evidence suggests that the loss of lean body mass can range from 20 to 50% of total weight loss for those on weight loss medication.  As you lose weight, getting adequate nutrition and retaining lean muscle mass is critical. Everything vital in the body is made of protein.

Largest Selection

BodyTech maintains the largest selection of high quality protein-rich products and complete meal replacements that are easily consumed, thereby, preserving lean body mass. With over 90+ options in a variety of flavors and textures, we are sure you will find something you love.  Regardless of the diet you choose, BodyTech can help you. 

Medical Professionals 

Most physicians agree that the following guidelines can provide a strong starting point to assist people in maintaining diet quality while taking weight loss medications.   

  1. FOCUS ON PROTEIN to help maintain lean body mass through weight loss.
  2. DISTRIBUTION OF PROTEIN throughout the day. Rather than one large high-protein meal. People should consider eating protein at each meal to encourage muscle maintenance.
  3. NUTRITIONAL EDUCATION and BEHAVIORAL MODIFICATION to make the lifestyle changes is needed to achieve a healthy sustainable weight. 

When you work with BodyTech, we will teach you the best strategies for safe, long-term weight management. Learn smarter eating strategies, better meal planning, proper mindset and motivation, and healthy lifestyle modification that will help you maintain a good weight for life.

Weight Management at BodyTech

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“When it comes to long term weight management, good intentions alone are not enough. To keep weight off for good, you must have a smart eating plan!”

— Larry Kay, Owner of BodyTech

 About BodyTech

Since 2009, BodyTech has been on a mission to empower our clients through better health, diet education, and superior support services focused on lasting weight loss. We believe it is essential that every client feels good, inside and out. We are committed to fostering a positive, non-judgmental coaching environment that delivers realistic advice, personalized care, extensive dieter resources, and 100% positive support–which extends beyond the weight loss phase. We understand no two clients are alike and pledge to do our best to serve every client in a truly personal way.

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