Five Ways Obesity Harms Men’s Health

Five Ways Obesity Harms Men's Health Banner

Five Ways Obesity Harms Men’s Health

Obesity is one of the most serious health problems in the modern world. Obesity causes dozens of different medical conditions that reduce people’s quality of life and reduces their expected lifespan. While obesity impacts both men and women, obesity impacts the health of men in different ways than it impacts women. Understanding some of the specific risks that obesity causes in men can help to provide the motivation that men need to eat right, to exercise and to maintain a healthy weight.


Sleep Apnea

Though both men and women are impacted by sleep apnea, men are far more likely to develop this sleep disorder. Sleep apnea restricts a person’s ability to breathe, which causes reduced oxygen levels. In addition to making it difficult to sleep, sleep apnea can even cause death if a person stops sleeping during the night. Obesity makes it more likely that a man will develop sleep apnea. This is due to the increased amount of flesh on the neck, chest, and stomach, which makes the body work harder to inhale and exhale.


Prostate Cancer

Being overweight increases a man’s chances of developing prostate cancer. Even worse, obesity can make it more difficult for doctors to determine whether or not a man has prostate cancer. This is due to obesity-causing low levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA). PSA levels are often monitored by doctors as an indicator of the presence of prostate cancer. The difficulty in detecting prostate cancer can mean a delayed diagnosis, which will often make it more difficult to successfully treat cancer.


Kidney Stones

Though in most cases kidney stones are not a serious health problem, they can be an extremely painful one. Kidney stones are collections of solid material formed from minerals in the kidneys or urinary tract. As the stones pass out of the body, their hard exterior, and jagged edges can cause excruciating pain. Men who are obese have a significantly higher risk of developing kidney stones than men who maintain a healthy weight. Obesity is believed to cause kidney stones as obese men have more calcium and other minerals in their urine.


Reduced Testosterone

Obesity disrupts the body’s normal production of hormones. In men, obesity often causes a reduction in the amount of testosterone that the body produces. Low levels of testosterone result in reduced energy, lower sex drive, accelerated hair loss and difficulty sleeping. Men with low levels of testosterone also suffer from an increased chance of developing depression and other mental health disorders. The reduced energy that low testosterone levels cause can make it more difficult for men to exercise to maintain a healthy weight.



Obese men are more likely to suffer from impotence than men who maintain a healthy weight. Some of the most common health consequences of obesity, such as high cholesterol levels, heart disease, and high blood pressure, are contributing factors to an increased likelihood of impotence. Obesity can also make it more difficult for a man to have children as obese men tend to have more fertility issues.

With all the problems that obesity can cause, it is important to take action to maintain a healthy weight. While obesity is a complex medical problem that has many different causes, it is simple to begin taking action to reduce the effects of obesity. Setting a few basic goals of eating better, getting more exercise and discussing the problem with a doctor or other medical professional can help a guy to take control of his weight and improve his overall health.

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