Why Do You Really Want To Lose Weight?

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Why Do You Really Want to Lose Weight? Having the Right Motivation Matters!

Millions of people worldwide are striving toward the goal of losing weight. No matter what some of the more enthusiastic diet gurus have you believe, there is no magic bullet that will make losing the pounds an easy exercise. However, one thing’s for certain: if you’ve decided to go on a diet, you need to be doing it for the right reasons, or your mindset can turn your weight loss attempts into a constant uphill battle and a source of upset and frustration. Here are some of the motivations people commonly have for embarking on a diet plan, and why they might be worth a second look.


Societal Pressures​​

One of the biggest factors that drive people toward dieting is the pressure society puts on everyone to aim for perfection. Being thin is seen as the norm and the ideal, and being overweight is classed as some kind of aberration. However, this is pure invention. Different cultures have different values when it comes to body shape, and even within the same culture notions of perfection change over time. Fashions constantly shift, and whether you’re rail-thin or comfortably curvaceous, you’ll at times find yourself out of step. Feeling the urge to fit in isn’t necessarily a worthwhile reason to set out on a life-changing diet plan.


Self Esteem Issues

When you’re constantly told by society that your body shape is somehow wrong, it’s easy to fall into having negative feelings about yourself. Unfortunately, losing weight won’t necessarily change this state of affairs – by its definition, perfection is impossible to achieve, and if you base your sense of self-worth on other people’s perceptions of you, then you’ll never feel truly content or comfortable in your own skin. If being thinner (and more importantly healthier) will genuinely make you happier and more confident, then by all means try and shed a few pounds – but never let others’ casual opinions of you drag down your self-esteem.


Health Reasons

Health is one very good reason for losing weight, which shouldn’t be downplayed. Being obese is a huge risk factor for all types of diseases and conditions, from heart problems to diabetes. However, a sense of perspective is important. Simply being a little over the medical ideal isn’t likely to have a huge impact on your health – there are many other aspects of daily life, such as pollution and stress, which can have just as strong of an influence. Clearly, being morbidly overweight is dangerous, but carrying a few extra pounds isn’t something to beat yourself up about.


None of this is meant to discourage you from trying to lose weight. If that’s what you want, then there are many benefits to be gained from doing so. However, dieting is difficult enough without taking it on for the wrong reasons. Being clear in your own mind about why you want to slim down will take some of the pressure off and make dieting less of an ordeal. And if you’re in the right frame of mind, your slimming efforts will probably be more successful and sustainable in the long run.


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