Why You Gave Up Your Diet (Again)

Why You Gave Up Your Diet (Again)

Did you abandon your diet again? Yes? Then, it’s time to discover why. There are several common reasons for stopping a weight loss plan before getting to your goal. Once you discover what is keeping you from a healthy weight it will be easier to make positive changes and finally achieve your goal weight.


You didn’t regulate your surroundings.

Even the best plans can fail when surrounded by temptation. The chances are, you didn’t do enough forward thinking about your environment or circumstance to dampen the urge to eat calorific foods. Stashing candies in a drawer or keeping a supply of junk foods for friends who stop by for a visit can easily derail your diet, so don’t do it.


Before beginning your next diet, go through your home and get rid of foods that won’t be on the menu. Additionally, ask friends and family to support your efforts to get healthy and lose weight by asking them not to offer you calorie-laden foods. If you know they enjoy giving you edible gifts, tell them about the healthy foods you would love to receive rather than cakes and chocolates.


You lost hope after comfort eating.

Let’s face it; there are times when you eat for comfort. On such occasions, you allow yourself small indulgences, which you hope will improve your mood. After treating yourself, you feel guilty about having eaten foods you previously vowed not to consume. Knowing you have already messed up by surrendering to the desire to eat unhealthily you may as well indulge further.


Recognize having a treat now and then doesn’t mean you’ve failed and can never get back on your diet. If you eat a square of chocolate or take a bite out of a sweet bun, you haven’t ruined your diet, but you should stop. Instead of mentally beating up yourself about having given in, and continuing to eat, remember it’s alright. You can simply have a little less food when you sit down for your next meal.


You forgot the cost of staying overweight.

You were highly motivated when you began dieting because you recognized how being overweight influenced your life negatively. You knew why you wanted to be trim and healthy. Later, though, you may have forgotten the reasons you wished to weigh less, and your enthusiasm to stick to a diet declined.


Make a list of the costs of remaining out of shape and stick it on your fridge. For instance, being heavy might make moving around cumbersome and stop you from playing with your children. Your weight may present health issues, which you worry will worsen as you age and shorten your lifespan. Seeing the list when you’re in the kitchen will remind you not to give up on your diet.


You weren’t careful when dining out.

Dieters who dine out regularly often face challenges when choosing what to eat. Some meals are served in overly large portions and can easily be excessively fattening. In a split second, you can order a poor choice from the menu and reap the consequences in the form of a bulging waistline.


When possible, find out what’s on the menu before visiting restaurants, and select healthy meals in advance. Alternatively, opt for a starter and side salad rather than a big dinner. If your plate is crammed full, and you know it contains more calories than you need to consume, ask the waiter for an extra plate. Place the excess food on the plate before you begin eating and tell the people you’re dining with to help themselves.


You were hungry.

Some diets aren’t feasible because they prevent you from consuming enough calories. If you don’t eat enough food, you’ll be hungry. The odds of abandoning your diet will rise when you are consistently feeling hungry.


The calories you require depends on factors like your height and physical frame, as well as your level of exercise. Before choosing a diet, visit your doctor for advice or find out how many calories you should consume per day for healthy weight loss.


You didn’t picture victory.

You picture what you intend to do all the time. In advance of visiting the shops, you see yourself picking out what you plan to buy. Likewise, you visualize the journey to the shops and where you will park your car. If you dropped your diet before completion, you might not have pictured reaching a successful outcome.


Think about how you want to look when you lose weight and what it will feel like to walk, run, sit, and lie down when you’re healthy.  Imagine what you will wear and where you’ll go. Perhaps, you’ll go to places you don’t usually visit such as sunbathing at the beach or swimming in the pool. Picture yourself looking fabulous and feeling healthy.


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