Using Mind Power to Boost Weight Loss

Using Mind Power to Boost Weight Loss

There’s no end to the fancy diet plans promoted online. Each one promising more amazing results than the last. However, the underlying premise always comes down to the same thing: eat less and move more.

Once you commit to a realistic diet, like Ideal Protein, here are some strategies you can employ to help ensure your weight loss journey is successful. Remember, every successful dieting endeavor starts in your mind.  Your mind can be an amazingly powerful ally in your fight against unhealthy weight and fat. So prepare your head game is a key component to successful weight loss. Here are some things to consider.


Set Yourself Goals 

Motivate by setting small achievable goals. The satisfaction of hitting your goal helps to give you strength for the next stage. It’s important to make sure you can meet your short term goals without too much strain and pressure. The idea is to take satisfaction from moving in the right direction without focusing too much on the long-term goal. Try telling yourself you’ll fit into a favorite outfit in time for an upcoming social occasion. Or, if you have a special event planned in a month, treat yourself to a spa day if you lose a couple of pounds beforehand.


 Reward Yourself 

Reward yourself when you reach each goal with special celebrations, relaxing retreats, spa-like indulgences, or anything that might feel like a special acknowledgment of your hard work and discipline. Remind yourself that while you are losing weight, you are also improving your health. Bottom line, periodically allow yourself a special prize or reward as a personal celebration of all your hard work.


Go Easy on Yourself 

It’s inevitable that you’ll fall off your diet or make some mistakes on occasion. Accept this, and don’t beat yourself up about it. If you’re too hard on yourself when you deviate from the diet, you’ll risk losing the positive feelings you gained from your earlier success. This can lead to comfort eating. It’s important not to use a misstep as an excuse to go off the rails entirely.


Be Realistic

Whatever your long-term weight loss goal, it’s important to be realistic. Trying to become a skinny supermodel is rarely achievable and for most of us very much the exception, not the rule. Aiming for such an extreme will only set you up for disappointment and a loss of motivation. You’ll stick to your diet plan far more easily if you keep perspective rather than striving for something that’s probably unattainable, so be realistic when setting your diet goals and expectations for yourself.


Keep a Diary

You’ll probably find that when you start a new diet, the weight may fall off fairly quickly at first before hitting a plateau. If this happens it’s good to remind yourself of how much you’ve already achieved. Keep a weekly food diary and include your current weekly weight. Referring back to this log will help you stay motivated when you feel like your efforts are not paying off as quickly as you would have hoped.  Remember, progress takes time.


Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

It’s a mistake to compare your results with others. Your weight loss is experience is unique. It doesn’t matter if someone else is losing weight more quickly. Simply focus on yourself and what you’re trying to achieve, regardless of other people’s results.


Take Pride in Your Achievements

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is never easy, no matter what the self-appointed diet gurus say. Changing how one eats is as much a mental exercise as it is a physical one. Regardless of the diet plan, staying positive and working to maintain a healthy mindset will vastly improve your success. Above all else, allow yourself to be proud of yourself for committing to a diet and celebrate small and large victories along the way to your ultimate goal.


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