Sharon Celeste


Sharon Celeste

Health Coach

Have you ever met one of those feel-good people everyone wants to be around? That’s Sharon— she loves life, loves people, and loves what she does. But don’t let all her goodness fool you, Sharon is also an academic whiz and former high-powered business consultant to the Fortune 500. (Translation, she rocks!) So, you’re probably thinking what’s that got to do with BodyTech? The answer…a lot. It means that Sharon is a getter’ done girl, and she brings her “A” game to every client she counsels.

Sharon knows what it means to be too busy to eat right, and thanks to her own success as a BodyTech client she now knows that was an excuse, one that delayed a happier, healthier version of herself. Sure she totally gets the hectic life of a busy executive, the pressure to produce, and the stress that comes with a big paycheck. But she’ll be the first to tell you, you’re fooling (actually cheating or even harming) yourself if you buy into that spin. Just like an underperforming employee, you don’t want to be a slacker about your health.

Sharon is not just a business heavy- hitter, she’s also a mom, volunteer, and active community member. She’s got hobbies and an active lifestyle. Thanks to her time spent at BodyTech, she’s finally figured out how to do life better. From barely cooking to now whipping up her favorite BodyTech recipes, as a result, she’s now looking, feeling, and even operating at her best. And more importantly, modeling correct eating to her family.

So if you’re a soccer mom, Sharon can relate. If you’re a high powered executive, she understands. Or, if you’re just someone looking to feel better about yourself, then you should give her a moment of your time. What’s she’s got to say could (no, will) change your outlook.

Fortunately for us, since sugar is restricted on the Ideal Protein diet, Sharon’s sweetness more than makes up for it.