Mindy Rosenthal


Mindy Rosenthal

Health Coach

Meet Mindy, our resident hip-hop mama, the one who is always on the move and can help you get your groove’n body back. While some may try to label her a Suzie Sunshine type, we know her as one cool coach. Mindy is constantly vibe’n positivity; she is also hip to the challenges most dieter face these days–having lost some 60 extra pounds herself.

Life as an overweight child was not easy, but Mindy’s incredible attitude and positive approach to life more than made up for the challenges she faced. This coach will tell you that she has lived the journey of weight loss and knows how good it feels to reach and maintain a healthy weight for life!

Not only can you find Mindy on the dance floor, but also hitting the trails as a committed fitness lifestyler. Here at BodyTech, we consider her a real inspiration to clients and a great addition to our coaching team. A successful mother to three fully grown, awesome, fabulous giant boyz (okay…actually, grown men), she will tell you that life is better surrounded by the ones you love. Add to all this fabulousness the fact this woman is a kick-butt, perfect 10-year breast cancer survivor who seriously knows the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices.

Mindy has found her calling in helping others. She knows positive energy can uplift and inspire her clients–that it can be just what they need to transform themselves into happier, healthier versions of themselves. A firm believer in the effectiveness of Ideal Protein, this coach knows this is the diet that will change lives for the better.

When you are ready to make your move, our much-beloved dancing queen Mindy is a sidekick you cannot diet without! Call BodyTech today to take her for a spin.