Michele Garcia


Michele Garcia

Health Coach

We often hear that super moms are merely an urban legend. Thanks to Michele, we now know otherwise. Hidden beneath her stylish, yet comfortable, cashmere cardigan beats the heart of a real superhero. One with the remarkable abilities to raise two superhumans (A.K.A. her awesome children), reign supreme in the eyes of her loving husband, and bring boundless energy and enthusiasm to her profession helping the masses battle the bulge at BodyTech. While Michele may not be able to read the minds of her BodyTech clients, she sure can read their hearts –giving her an uncanny knack for providing just the right support to those she serves.

Michele firmly believes BodyTech is a truly transformative experience and has dedicated herself to helping others achieve their weight loss goals through the power of positive thinking. As super as she is, it may be hard to believe that she too, is no stranger to the struggles of weight loss. It is thanks to a good friend that Michele was first introduced to the BodyTech way of dieting and finally gained control over her body weight and eating habits. No longer cloaked in 55 extra pounds of weight, Michele is truly a supermodel of success to her weight loss clients. If asked, this awe-inspiring coach will readily tell you it didn’t take superhuman strength to master the Ideal Protein protocol. Nowadays Michele is dedicated to helping fellow dieters discover the transformative powers of BodyTech for themselves. This coach is mighty when it comes to helping dieters harness their inner will power and realize the best version of themselves.

There’s no denying how super Michele is with BodyTech clients. Once you meet her, she is destined to become a superhero in your heart too.