Meredith Rodnan


Meredith Rodnan

Health Coach & General Manager

Sooo here’s the skinny on Meredith. She is a success story of the ideal kind. Not only is she part owner of BodyTech and an Ideal Protein success story, she’s also partner in life with Larry Kay too. (Hey, what more could a girl ask for in life… amiright Larry?)

The team at BodyTech call her a quiet storm of wisdom, strength, and beauty. Some might call her the soul of BodyTech—keeping things running smoothly behind the scenes. Throughout the years she’s woven a tapestry made from the many lives she’s touched in service and friendship. Born into a family of physicians and care providers, Meredith has always gravitated to roles as caregiver. Her ways haven’t changed since launching BodyTech. In fact, she’s now able to touch more lives by providing the support, knowledge and skills needed to transform people into the very best version of themselves—in mind, body and spirit.

Meredith rejects all pedestals, and prefers her feet be well planted on the ground. Her clients and staff members value her most for being down-to-earth, relatable and real. During the course of operations, you’ll find her doing things like unpacking shipments, setting displays in order, and helping clients and staff stay focused. In short, girlfriend knows how to get things done right.

There may be 30 pounds less of Meredith these days, thanks to a combination of the Ideal Protein diet and the BodyTech approach to better living, but she’s one women worth more than her weight in gold!

She’s been described as equal parts supporter, advisor, confidante, motivator, and friend. There’s no doubt that she’s simply 100% inspiring. If you don’t know Meredith, then you’re missing out. If you’re in the Rockville area, be sure to drop by BodyTech to meet her in person. You’ll both be glad you did.

Word to the wise. Watch out for her blade slinging ways on unpacking day –and— Never, ever, ever take her pencil! That’s all we’re saying.