Leah Turner


Leah Turner

Health Coach

Some people just know what they want to do in life while others evolve into their ultimate role. For Leah, the journey to BodyTech coach was an evolutionary one. She first started out in the professional world as a successful litigation attorney helping families make the best of the worst situations, and then moved on to a corporate legal role before ultimately taking a full-bodied leap into the health and wellness world…a profession in which she considers herself finally at home.

A graduate of both the University of Virginia and The George Washington University Law School, Leah is no dummy. As an attorney, she may be considered a legal ninja, and in the world of health and wellness, she is known for her kinder, gentler ways. (Thank goodness for that!) Now a practicing wellness teacher and master level acupuncturist, Leah finds her work as a weight loss coach among the most rewarding of all her professional pursuits.

At BodyTech, she is considered both a success story, having lost 40 pounds on the program, and model of health, wellness, and vitality to those she serves. As the wife of a high profile Gonzaga basketball coach, and mother of two active boys, Leah well knows the stresses of juggling a demanding professional career, large family, and her own needs. As an honest, yet compassionate advisor, she’ll tell you finding balance in life isn’t always easy but is possible. Having achieved a greater sense of her own Zen, she considers it her mission to help clients embrace an open mind and a more balanced life to achieve their very best.

If you’re looking for a good listener that connects with people right from the start, then Leah is the perfect coach for you. She has much wisdom and compassion to offer and will naturally become your source of inspiration for health, hope, and healing.

While none of us would ever want to do legal battle with Leah, we are certain she is one of the best coaches to have on your side when you are battling the bulge.