Larry Kay


Larry Kay


Don’t ever say we didn’t warn you about Larry. He might look like a nice guy on the outside, but deep down inside he’s even nicer – according to his staff and clients. Perhaps that’s because he’s passionate about helping people, building life-long friendships, and creating something truly special at Body Tech. How nice is that?

Back in 2009, Larry established BodyTech with a mission to help people look, feel, and live better. Under his management (and resulting from a few obsessive-compulsive tendencies), BodyTech has become one of the most successful Ideal Protein clinics in the United States. Larry proudly attributes BodyTech’s success to his kick-ass team of health coaches who he says are, “the true heart of his business.”

While it’s true that Larry is a seasoned entrepreneur and well-respected healthcare executive with deep ties to the Washingtonian community, and his iPhone contact list may rival the latest edition of Washington DC’s The Green Book, that’s not what he’s about. He is about keeping it honest and real. Real about things like body image, weight loss, and smarter choices in diet and exercise. His goal is to give you the best path to the best you. While he might not employ magic to get you to lose weight, DC rumors suggest otherwise…and that’s all we’re saying.

If you find yourself ready for a better way of life, then just know Larry’s here for you. He’s got an insatiable desire to help people become healthier, happier, and smarter about their diets. So pick up your phone and give BodyTech a ring, you just might like what happens after that call.

Throughout history, there have been a lot of interesting and infamous Larrys… Larry King, Larry Page, Larry the Cable Guy, and Larry David. If you’re interested in meeting a remarkable Larry that’ll make you feel simply great about yourself, then give this Larry a call.