I’m a busy mom with no time to slow down. Will Body Tech work for me?

Soccer practice. Piano recital. Dropping off at school. Picking up from school. Look, we love our kids, but when it comes down to it, their schedule is our schedule—and that hardly leaves much time for preparing and eating healthy meals and snacks! When you’re running around all day, who has time to think about losing weight?

Easy Weight Loss with Body Tech

When your schedule gets packed, it’s natural to try and find shortcuts where you can, just to make things manageable. But we’re here to tell you that with Ideal Protein and the Body Tech system, you don’t have to take shortcuts with your health! Our system is designed to fit into anyone’s busy schedule, with plenty of healthy, easy-to-prepare lunch and dinner options and a wide variety of delicious snacks you can enjoy on the go. Your once weekly, hour-long sessions with one of our coaches is also meant to be as convenient as possible, and can be done in person or on the phone at a time that fits your schedule. With great food options, an easy-to-follow protocol, and the support of a full-time coaching staff, fitting in time for your health has never been easier!

What makes Body Tech different?

There are a million other diet programs out there that all say they can help busy moms lose the weight they want. But none give you the freedom and flexibility of Ideal Protein and the Body Tech system! With Ideal Protein, there are no points to manage or calories to count—you’ll always know exactly what to eat as long as you’re on the program!

What makes Ideal Protein different from other weight loss systems is it’s not just a “diet”—it’s a clear, easy-to-follow path to not just your weight loss goals, but to a lifetime of health and happiness! The most important part of the Body Tech system is helping you better understand your relationship with food and how it affects your body, empowering you to make healthy eating choices that will keep you fit for the rest of your life.

Ideal Protein is not a high protein diet. Instead, it relies on the highest quality protein to help support muscle mass while you lose weight. Here’s the thing: lower quality protein gets absorbed into your body at a lower rate. When protein absorption is low, you won’t feel satisfied and may experience powerful cravings that make it almost impossible to stick to your goals. Ideal Protein is designed to minimize these cravings, incorporating protein with a high biological value into every breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack offering. But it’s not just the protein value you’ll love—every Ideal Protein serving comes premeasured and prepackaged for freshness and convenience, and:

  • Can be prepared in 10 minutes or less
  • Contains high quality proteins and are very low in carbohydrates (sugar) and lipids (fats)
  • Contains 21 amino acids, of which 13 are essential for the human body;
  • Can be served hot, warm, cold or even frozen
  • Can be used to build complete meals by adding vegetables, chicken, fish etc.
  • And more!

If you’re a busy mom on a tight schedule, it’s easy to fall into a trap of bad health habits—and you might not even realize it right away! But with Ideal Protein and the Body Tech system, you can achieve your goals, and probably in less time than you thought possible. Give us a call today or sign up for a free information session to get started. Our coaches are standing by to help you take the first steps on your weight loss journey, so don’t wait!