Ideal Protein in Brookeville, MD

Are you looking for a fast, effective weight loss program that lets you keep your muscle mass and doesn’t require starving yourself or counting calories every day? Give Ideal Protein a try! Ideal Protein is a simple, four-phase weight loss solution that will help you shed body fat while preserving muscle, all my teaching your body how to keep weight off permanently. If you’re tired of not losing weight, or if you’ve tried other diets and gained all your weight back as soon as you went off, call Body Tech today to experience fast, simple weight loss with Ideal Protein!

Simple, Effective, and Personalized

You have enough to think about already. Let your weight loss come naturally.

At Body Tech, everyone who walks through our door has a different reason for wanting to lose weight. And we always tell them the same thing: “We’ll make it work for you.” It’s no wonder why nearly 100% of people who stay disciplined and focused while on Ideal Protein realize their goals! Ideal Protein will work for anyone, including:

  • Moms on-the-go
  • Busy executives
  • Brides-to-be
  • And many more!

The Ideal Protein diet is divided into four phases, each of which has clearly defined goals and offers you an easy way to track your progress. Best of all, each of the four phases retrains your body to stop craving sugar, so by the end of the program, you won’t want to go back to the way you ate before—this is key to keeping the weight off for life!

Because Ideal Protein is based lean meats and most vegetables as opposed to complex processed foods, it is a safe and health protocol for anyone, including:

  • People of all ages, from teens on up
  • Those with Type II diabetes and other health concerns
  • Anyone looking to make a healthy change in their lives

If you’ve been searching for a weight loss program in Brookeville, MD that helps you achieve fat loss success quickly without losing muscle, call Body Tech today to schedule a free consultation.

Your Own Personal Coach and Mentor

A friend and partner who understands what you’re going through.

From the moment you sign up for Ideal Protein with Body Tech, you’ll be welcomed into a community of motivated, like-minded people also on the Ideal Protein program. All of these new friends can provide support, and you can contribute to the community as much or as little as you want. In addition, every single week you’ll meet one-on-one with your own personal coach, either in person or on the phone, who can talk you through your ups and downs, give you advice, or just see you through to the next part of the program. All of the coaches here at Body Tech have lost weight with the help of Ideal Protein, so they know exactly what you’re going through, even if your friends and family sometimes don’t.

Even on non-scheduled days, you’re always free to call your coach to ask questions or just say hi. Our coaches are the reason for our success, because they help ensure your success.

A Variety of Tasty, Nutritious Food Options

You’ll have something new every night with Ideal Protein!

Have you had trouble sticking with other diets because of the “food” they make you eat? Then you’ll love Ideal Protein! Instead of centered on processed “health” foods, Ideal Protein focuses on lean proteins like chicken and fish and a variety of tasty vegetables, from greens like spinach and kale to peppers, radishes, zucchini, and more.

Hungry for a hamburger? Wrap it in lettuce, top it with mustard and raw onions, and enjoy! No points to count, no calories to manage – just delicious food from beginning to end.

If you are looking for something a little more convenient, we’ve got something to match every craving! Body Tech offers a full line of Ideal Protein snacks and Walden Farms sauces that you can enjoy according to the program guidelines, including salty BBQ ridges, sweet chocolate soy puffs and strawberry wafers, and much, much more! Many of our clients love the Ideal Protein foods so much that they keep them in the pantry long after they’re through with the program, and we’re sure you will too.

In addition to being high in protein, Ideal Protein foods are premeasured and prepackaged for freshness and convenience, and:

  • Can be prepared in 10 minutes or fewer
  • Contain high quality proteins and are very low in carbohydrates (sugar) and lipids (fats)
  • Contain 21 amino acids, of which 13 are essential for the human body;
  • Can be served hot, warm, cold or even frozen
  • Can be used to build complete meals by adding vegetables, chicken, fish etc.
  • And more!

Safe, Effective Weight Loss for Life

The program ends. But your new life doesn’t.

Like we said, the Ideal Protein diet is divided into four phases, each with clearly defined start and end points. At the end of the fourth phase, that’s it—you’re done! And unlike other diet programs, where you need to stay on the diet to keep the weight off, Ideal Protein helps you stay at or near your goal weight for life.

Because Ideal Protein is so simple to follow, it will help you develop healthy habits that you’ll carry on long after your time with us comes to an end. We’re confident you’ll feel so good in your new body that healthy choices will come naturally, and because Ideal Protein trains your body to not crave sugar, you won’t even want to eat unhealthy foods!

Get Started Today!

Whether you’re preparing for a big event, want to get in shape for your health, or just want to make a change, the Ideal Protein weight loss system is a fast, simple way to achieve your goals in less time than you thought possible. There’s no better time than now, so if you’re ready to get started on the journey to fast weight loss in Brookeville, MD, call Body Tech today to schedule a free, no obligation orientation session!