About Us


BodyTech – Enriching Lives

Our sole purpose is to help you reach a healthy weight, improve your health and learn the importance of eating correctly. In the process, you will rediscover your true shape, feel energized and look vibrant.

BodyTech’s approach is unique and the feeling one gets from working with us can be difficult to express. Perhaps it’s the relationship we build with ALL clients, or our compassionate, supportive and knowledgeable coaching. It’s different for everyone BUT one idea is crystal clear, BodyTech ENRICHES LIVES .

We Get It -The Struggle

Everyone at BodyTech understands first hand that losing weight can be difficult. We know this because we have all done it and at times we struggle to keep from regaining it. We understand what it’s like to literally place your life on hold because of weight; staring into the closet for clothes that fit, buying clothes you want to wear instead of what fits, avoiding the camera or even opting out of a vacation that requires a bathing suit.

We Get It – Education

For many of us, losing weight can be an emotionally charged, life long struggle or nothing more than a minor inconvenience. Regardless, BodyTech can help you lose weight and provide the knowledge to maintain a healthy weight, look better and feel good about yourself again. We never promise unrealistic “instant” results and are not interested in selling other services or products.

One Request

All we ask is that you be ready to make your health a priority and are willing to make moderate adjustments to your diet. Whether you have never dieted or have been on every diet known to man, check us out by coming to one of our weekly introductions.