6 Ways to Beat Food Cravings

6 Ways to Beat Food Cravings


One of the most important parts of long-term weight loss is changing poor eating habits. Even with willpower and unparalleled commitment to improving your health, food cravings can still throw you off track. With the right know-how, you can beat your food cravings and stay on target for your weight loss goals. Get started today with these six effective strategies.


1. Time It

Research has shown that food cravings typically last no longer than 20 minutes. Since cravings are believed to be mainly psychological, you can beat them by acknowledging that they will pass with a little patience.

Grab a stopwatch or note the time when you start to crave unhealthy foods. Challenge yourself to wait at least 20 minutes before you indulge in it. You likely will discover you no longer want the food anymore.

2. Keep Water on Hand

Water is the most beneficial and natural appetite suppressant available. It can also assist in reducing unhealthy food cravings. Slowly sip on a glass of cold water when you feel a craving coming on. Keep cold purified water nearby for easy access.

3. Keep Your Mind Distracted

Distraction is an effective tool against food cravings. By keeping your mind off of your cravings, you can overcome them quickly. Keep an activity nearby that fully engages your brain, such as a memory game, crossword puzzle, or even a book. In order for this technique to work, you must choose an activity that you truly enjoy.

4. Get More Sleep

If you are not getting enough uninterrupted sleep each night, you can encounter a variety of different health problems. Among these is craving junk foods, specifically sweet, salty, and fattening ones.

According to a 2013 study conducted by UC Berkeley researchers, sleep-deprived participants craved unhealthy foods more so than those who got enough sleep. If you are not sleeping enough, consider starting a new nighttime routine that allows you to go to bed earlier.

5. Surround Yourself with Healthy Ideal Protein Foods

If you have unhealthy foods in your home or office, you are more likely to indulge in them. Purge your refrigerator and pantry of foods that such temptations. By get rid of your junk food snacks and replace them with healthy Ideal Protein options, you are better prepared to make smarter dietary choices.

6. Remember Your Motivation

Why are you trying to lose weight and get healthier? Ask yourself this question and write down your answers. Put that piece of paper somewhere you will see it daily, such as on your refrigerator. A daily reminder of your initial motivation for losing weight can help you avoid slip-ups.


Food cravings can seriously hold you back from reaching your goal weight. Fortunately, you can take advantage of these six proven techniques and beat your cravings for good. Next time you feel a craving coming on, put these strategies to the test. You may be surprised by how well they work.

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