Sharon Ehrlich


Sharon Ehrlich

Health Coach

If BodyTech were a football team, no doubt Sharon would be the clinic’s head cheerleader. She became a true blue BodyTech fan after losing 35 pounds on the program back in 2015. Seasons later she has joined the diet clinic’s coaching staff and now cheers dieters on to weight loss success. If there’s any question about Sharon’s loyalty, we’re here to tell you otherwise. She is so committed to the Ideal Protein way of dieting that this girl recruited her entire family to join the program. Now that’s a real fan, folks!

Like all great champions, Sharon takes her coaching position at BodyTech seriously. These days she “eats, sleeps and breathes” the healthy living principals of the BodyTech wayand this is why we consider Sharon a real super fan.

Even though Sharon’s daily life in the DMV is fast paced and demanding; she clearly knows it doesn’t have to be done living large (as in the number on the scale).  She believes it’s important to make healthy living a priority no matter how stressful and chaotic one’s lifestyle may be. Regularly, Sharon can be found encouraging new dieters to join the BodyTech program and takes great pride helping dieters achieve their goals. Through heartfelt dedication Sharon championing an all-star list of weight loss winners.

Sharon professes her jersey colors are BodyTech blue and orange for life. If that isn’t loyalty, then we don’t know what is. Go Sharon!