Nicole Brown


Nicole Brown

Health Coach

Nicole may have been raised to believe sugar and spice make everything nice, but thanks to BodyTech’s nutritional counseling she now knows better. A graduate of Ideal Protein, Nicole can personally attest to the fact that there’s a whole lot more happiness in life beyond a few bites of a candy bar (and that’s no sweet talk either). It was this epiphany and her remarkable weight loss success that compelled her to become a BodyTech health coach.

A teacher by trade and now a healthy eating coach by personal experience, she’s dedicated to helping people discover that eating right is about spoiling yourself, not a sacrifice. While teaching children with special needs holds a special place in her heart, so does BodyTech clients. If anyone is going to properly school you on the ins and outs of the Ideal Protein diet, Nicole is your girl. She views both her jobs as privileges and excellent opportunities to impact others’ lives. When you work with Nicole, you’re sure to be set on a course to success. How cool is that!

Both honest and sincere, Nicole won’t deny the fact that losing weight can be challenging. (She confesses, that these days her diet feels more like she’s spoiling herself than making sacrifices.) She’ll also let you know how easy it can be to follow the Ideal Protein regimen if you follow her lead and example. Among other things, she preaches the keys that led to her own BodyTech success: advance meal preparation, healthful food choices, discipline, and in her case, kicking her daily Starbucks habit. Her goal is to deliver an “A+” experience for every client she supports at BodyTech.

While Nicole will warmly welcome you anytime, she places one condition on any meeting you might have. Bring no vegetable chili.