Jessica Isen


Jessica Isen

Health Coach

It’s no joke when we tell you Jessica is one of the funniest people we know. Her quick wit and sense of humor will keep you laughing every time you visit BodyTech. We think her parents should have named her little Miss Sunshine (no, her grandpa never taught her any dances), it’s because she’s got one of those warm and contagious smiles.

A real Washingtonian with deep family roots in the area, she’s living proof that good girls,—no scratch that— great girls, finish first. To look at Jessica today you’d be surprised to know that she has struggled with her weight since childhood. Even as a young girl she dieted on and off. Her weight loss battle finally ended in 2010 when she walked through the door of BodyTech and signed up for her last diet ever. Now 60 pounds lighter, her body is healthier, fitter and simply more comfortable. Her journey may have been long, but she has arrived!

Jessica’s passion to live, feel and look better led her to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach. More impressive, she has been trained in over 100 different dietary theories and is board certified through American Association of Drugless Practitioners. How’s that for triumph and real personal transformation! Her desire to help others and a firm belief in the effectiveness of BodyTech way led her to join our team in 2011. Now her mission is to help others lose weight, just like she did.

If you’re looking for real inspiration, then it’s time you met Jessica. She’s not only the one who believes that anything is possible, she’ll have you believing it too.

This little Miss Sunshine might not tiger crawl in pageants (Clue: watch the movie if you haven’t figured it out by now), but she sure does know how to steal the show when it comes to success stories.