Ginny Jones


Ginny Jones

Health Coach

In runner’s terms, weight loss is about going the distance,it’s not about speed—according to BodyTech coach Ginny Jones. This former D1 track and field athlete and Duke Integrative Medicine trained Health Coach believes there should never be a finish line when it comes to healthy eating. Like every good coach knows, proper planning and discipline are essential to achieve your best. Ginny joined the BodyTech team to help clients overcome the hurdles of weight loss and find the best path to a healthier way of life.

All her life, Ginny has always walked her talk. (Actually, more like run it.) Being a good role model for her daughters and staying fit and healthy have always been priorities in her life. She understands that one can only achieve their best in life by taking proper care of oneself. At BodyTech, Ginny welcomes big challenges. This perennial A-gamer is always ready to inspire and coach you through tough spots. She finds great reward in helping clients better understand themselves and determine the best strategy to achieve their weight loss goals. Creating realistic, workable solutions for clients is this great coach’s #1 priority.

Ginny is always ready to give 100 percent. Clients love meeting with her and always walk away feeling focused and inspired. Perhaps it’s her remarkable ability to get right to the heart of matters. Regardless, everyone values Ginny’s ability to listen and connect.

If you’re looking for help to get you moving in the right direction with consistent and practical advice, then Ginny is the perfect coach for you.

When the rat race of life takes you off course, Ginny is the perfect coach to get you back on track and striving to achieve your personal best!